Saturday, 13 March 2010

The Prodigy; The Omen CD cover analysis

This album cover is for The Prodigy; The Omen 2009. The Prodigy are an electronica band, with a very successful reputation within the music industry as a hardcore sound and image, that rebels against the norm and takes a strange approach to imagery and style.

The imagery chosen for this cover, works with the film "the omen" where a child is an evil possesed demon. The girl with long blonde hair and holding her skirt playfully gives the idea that the girl is innocent, but this is juxtaposed with the black insect covered dress and darkened eyes and mouth. By playing with the dog, and holding it at the back of its neck, is understood that the dog is hers, and is under her control. At the same time, the dog and the girl both lookin in the same direction, with the dog eager to chase what ever it is that it is looking at, and on her demand, it will go. The dog also has whitened out eyes, giving the effect of being under a spell or power, most probably the girl.

The black and white of the girl and dog, is like that of an old photo or film, slightly pixelated, adding to the darkness of the image and creating a stronger comparison between dark and light. Thereore making the dark areas seem more prominant.
The background of the image itself adds a luminous green colour creating a pentagram of protection( an old witchcraft image) which is very common within scary movies, and intending that this protection will be needed. The imagery is very creepy, working with the brand that the band have created, working with the unexpected and weird.
The imagery works well with the contents of the lyrics on the album, with the title song "Omen" using the original soundtrack from the film "The Omen". So stong links between music and imagery can be made.
The name of the album is to be found on the chest of the dog, in the same luminous green that in the imagery in the background. The "omen" is placed there to make the link between the characters and the title, showing that they are possesed. The font chosen for "omen" is messy and sloppy. A very informal style, in capitals showing that it is still important text. The arrows pointing around the word are pointing towards the characters and aways from the word, saying that it can possess anything.
"The prodigy" is placed in the top left corner of the image written in a bold white, more formal font than "omen" showing that it is more important and dominance on the page also allowing tit to be easily seen. The "The" in the title is kept smaller as it is less important within the title as "prodigy" therefore more focus is made on it. The lighting bolt type font is a representation of the edgy style of the band.
Overall, the cover is very successful within the target audience, which will help me when planning my own covers. It is clear that a link between the songs and imagery should be made and the attitudes that the cover gives off.

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